People-oriented, Coordinated Strives


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  Nanjing Kisen Electromechanical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. has maximized its advantages as an international professional engineering company, and adhered to the management concept of "people-oriented, collaborative cooperation". We also carry out the policy of "honor your words, be responsible for your actions, value honesty and win-win cooperation, and continuously provide customers with satisfactory products", with the goal of developing harmonious enterprise, strengthening the development of corporate culture, advocating good team spirit, and promoting internal interaction as well as external cooperation among employees to realize and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

  Kisen’s Development Strategy: Focus on the cement industry construction works and cement production services. Develop the manufacture of cement electromechanical products.

  The company is rooted in the society. Our growth is inseparable from the support and cares from all sectors of the society. We have learned from the society and should also contribute to the society. Kisen always adheres to the business policy of "Today's Quality, Tomorrow's Market", implements the service tenet of "excellent service, creating value for owners", continues to interpret the needs of owners, provides fine services. We strive to deliver every project into high-quality projects to benefit the owners and return to the society.

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