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  Based on the powerful of all circles and continuous efforts of all staff,after several years’hard working and struggle.Nanjing Kisen has Iaid solid foundation and become an efficient team in building material engineering and construction industry.

  Innovation is the eternal theme for enterprise development, Guarding by "mechanism innovation,technology innovation and management innovation",Nanjing Kisen carries out the global strategy,win China and win the world,and builds our own brand in full power.

  Insisting on the business direction,Today's quality,Tomorrow's market, and carrying out the service tenet,Overflow service and customer-value-oriented, we study the client's requirements,offer considerate service and try to make every project perfect, benefit the client and reward the society.

  Nanjing Kisen will employ customer-oriented theory, global sight and market-oriented operation to provide perfect and efficient service to all clients wholehearteqly We hope to cooperate sincerely with friends all over the world, make progress, and create the beautiful future together.

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