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  Kisen specialize in the contracting of electromechanical equipment installation project, general contracting for construction engineering project, building material manufacturing project, steel structure project, kiln project, hoisting project and so on.

Mechanical Equipment Installation
Rotary kiln installation
Raw meal vertical mill installation
Preheater equipment installation
Grate Cooler Installation
Installation of claimer and stacker
Installation of large ESP or bag filler
Ball Mill Installation
Mixer Equipment I
General mechanical equipment installation
Roller type mill installation
Electrical and Automation Works
Electrical cable installation
Power transformation and distribution equipment
Electrical control equipment project
Automation gauges installtion project
Plant area lighting line installation project
Plant area lighting and grounding works
Other electrical equipment works
Fabrication and Installation of Non-standard Parts
Fabrication and Installation of Large Non-standard ducts Fabrication and installation of small chutes    
Installation Works of Process Pipes
Water supply and drainage pipe installation Equipment pneumatic pipe installation Installation of lubrication oil pipe line  
Steel Structure Works
Fabrication and installation of steel structure Fabrication and installation of kiln outlet steel structure Fabrication and installation of platform,ladder and rail  
Fabrication and Installation of non-standard Equipment
Fabrication and installation of preheater and fumace
Fabrication and installation of water cooling tower
Kiln inlet hood fabrication and installation
Fabrication and installation of thirdary duct and calciner
Pulverized coal bin,measuring bin,cyclone Fabrication and installation of various material bin
Sand Blasting and Anti-corrossion Works
Insulation Works
ESP filter insulation Bag filter insulation Waste gas pipe insulation Water cooling tower and non-standard pipe insulation
Castables Works
Castable works of preheater Castable works of rotary kiln Castable works of grate cooler Castable works of thirdart air duct and kiln hood
Equipment Non-load Test
Equipment Load Test
Maintenance and Upgrade of Cement Production Line
Construction Works
Industrial Building Works
Road and pipe network construction in the plant
Earth Works Piling Works Formwork,rebar,works,concrete works


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